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We just print Poster for all occassions. Get your message out with our high quality large full color Posters! Printed on a range of stocks with the option of glossy and dull finish, we give you the versatility to ensure your message looks its best wherever it is displayed. Choose from high gloss UV for high impact. For a softer look, choose gloss AQ and to reduce glare in bright areas choose Satin AQ.

(8mil photo gloss) 59" x 120" + 8mil thickness.

Purpose: This material is a Pigment / Dye / QuickDry - Photo Quality Glossy material. Somewhat delicate, not scuff resistant or waterproof.

(12pt C2S Board) 59" x 120" + 12pt thickness.

Purpose: This material consists of two 6pt coated sheets laminated together, with a black adhesive middle layer, for a completely opaque product with a final caliper of 12pt.

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